15 April 2014

ladybird therefore ?

She went along the branch, first this way, then that, like a novelist wondering where her story should go next. I watched her for a long time in the bright sun.

When you watch the natural world it's better to switch off your mind so it doesn't interfere with the experiencing of it too much.  That way you can really observe what is going on.  I don't think I would have made a good naturalist though: too impatient.

If law isn't based on evidence and fact and able to eliminate bias and preconceptions, it's not fit for purpose, is it?  It ought to be good enough to negate tricks like defendants spinning a situation to make them seem like a victim of everything and anything except their own self determined actions and choices.  Sadly, we are all prone to bias in our perceptions: only human it is.  I was thinking of the Pastorius trial and why the hell is it on our tv news every night?  Isn't it a little bit odd?  How does media/internet coverage influence the jury?  Does it?  Are they sheltered from it somehow?

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