21 April 2014

edgy stuff

 Replaced all the path edging in the greenhouse as the old stuff was rotten and fell apart.

Sometimes I get told off for not labeling things well enough.  It's true.  This year I hit on a cunning plan for when I run out of labels.  I get any old damaged plant pot and with the aid of a pair of scissors it turns into a useful pile of labels.

Do not buy B&Q own brand cheapo staple gun. They fall apart very quickly.  Mine did anyway so I took it back to B&Q and loaded a trolly with two bags of compost, took it to checkout and asked him to mark the staple gun off against the price of the compost.  'Ok, that'll be 2p,' he said. 'Only got a £20 note,' sais I. 'Get out of here,' sais he.  If you do that often enough you could get rich....but you would have an awful lot of compost.  

The Hanging Gardens of Bowerham......          

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