16 July 2007


down by the coldframe in the sqodgy sqodgy ground polyagapanthus has come out to play in an all too brief sunny spell.

damn this stupid stupid rain all the time. The spuds and onions are going to have to come out before they rot. The ground between the shed and one side of the greenhouse traps water and there's been so much off it, the waterlogged tomatoes are suffering and the foliage is looking all yellow and sickly.

....and what we ask is the weather forecast for the rest of the week.....yep....more rain. Gnnn!


Wake up Stupid....he's coming!

Look, I really don't mind if you want to perch on my favourite garden chair.. . . . . . . ............just so long as your arses are pointing the right way!

Oh....my.......I am just so sorry....It won't happen again. Oh, the shame....I think I may fall off my perch!

11 July 2007

jj kale

All that rain was getting thoroughly depressing and it's so good to see some sunshine again. Here it is shining down on the purple podded pea flowers.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the weekend harvest which consisted of black kale (as in the above pic), spuds, beets, onions, lettuce, courgette, broad beans, carrots etc, which we'll be eating all next week. SWMBO has been making redcurrent jelly and blackcurrant jam and goosegog something or other.

As predicted, there is absolutely no sign of anything happening to move the unwanted pigeon loft off our bottom plot and I am now ammending my estimate of 3 months to 3 years. What this means for Spiller and Chirpy's new home I don't quite know, but they are happy enough in our back garden for now.

04 July 2007

goings and comings

We all said a tearful farewell to our beloved hammy who died in the night. Ben made him a last nesting box and as he buried him in the back garden he sobbed out 'you were my best friend...and I never told you'. Now there's a lesson we'd all better learn. Thanks hammy.

But say hello to Spiller and Chirpy. We love them to bits already as they rootle about in the garden, constantly chattering to one another.

I think they are hybrids, possibly of Rhody reds and something else. The farmer assures us they are from good laying stock anyway. They live in the bike shed at night and we even built them a little adventure playground in there. It's got this cute little ladder up to their perch....I know, I know....go on, say it.


"Beginning In early May we will be holding 24-hour prayer vigils and hourly book burnings outside the Freehold Iowa Multiplex Cinema. Bring your children for this exciting time of healing and cleansing as we witness for Jesus with picket signs and old fashioned bullhorn preaching. God wants us to prevent every unsaved person in Freehold, Iowa from from seeing the new Harry Potter movie, "The Order of the Phoenix." Our pastors already gave the movie a sin-screening and they tell us it is one of the most deceptively wicked pieces of Satanic filth to ever grace their Godly eyes. We expect over 2,000 church members to be on hand to block the theater entrance on the release date. If you feel God is calling you to stand with us and suffer public persecution and humiliation for His namesake, please visit the church secretary to let her know your schedule for the next month. And if the way into your heart is through your tummy, we're proud to announce that the Ladies of Landover will be preparing pot-luck dinners, and Chick-fil-A will be sponsoring the event and providing daily lunches. We hope to see you there!"


Damn.....and there I was, quite looking forward to it *checks schedule for next week*. Double damn....can't go *sobs downheartedly*

Oh....if you do visit the site the pop up quotes are priceless!