31 July 2009

Stuff Is Oozing Out Of Our Ground

This lady is spot on. I am going to join the ~Stop Stuff Oozing Out Of Our Ground ~ campaign right away.

07 July 2009


There is not point whatever to this picture of a boot attached to a hairy leg.

I cleaned out the flask in the water butt so the plants will be getting a homeopathic dose of coffee when I next water. The dilution will be about one part in a hundred million so the plants should be totally wired after and not be able to sleep properly. I am a cruel person.

When I fall off my bike, I do not want to go to a homeopathic hospital.

chick crumbs

This chick did not get the pampered treatment of the others and has lived since she was hatched up on the plot.

Since she is doing so well I've come to the conclusion that chicks are much hardier than the books would have me believe.


There is always a use for an old piece of guttering.