03 September 2009

not superduper....

Aghhhh! I don't like it; the nights are drawing in too quickly and it's too wet and cold already.

Get a grip weather - it's only the first week in September for goodness sakes! Plenty of time for a nice indian, if you please.

The picture is 0.5 seconds into the core collapse of a star going supernovae modelled in a supercomputer. At least ours isn't about to do that anytime soon, even if it might help ripen off the last few toms.

Apparantly my little allotment blog is so goddam powerful and subversive, if you live in China, you will not be allowed to access it.

Tested From: Shanghai, China Tested At: 2009-09-0304:56:21 (GMT -04:00) URL Tested: http://sirlancsallot.blogspot.com Resolved As: Status: Failure in receiving network data Response Time: 1.181 sec

Ha ha! Communist Despots. Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.
Clodhopper is coming to get YOU.