13 March 2009

Red Nose Day

10 years ago to the day this was our little contribution to Red Nose Day - for my overseas readers, a day in the UK, where we all try to do something funny for money and donate to the comic relief charities.

That was then........and this is now.

Little boo now nearly as tall as his mum and delights in sitting on barstools in posh hotels chatting up the waitresses *sigh* I have to say, he is better at it than I ever was.

Happy Birthday Little Boo

But he only made it half way through that pudding........

A sandwich walks into a bar and sais "give us a pint". Barman sais "we don't serve food".

04 March 2009


I love the traditional singing of the Sami reindeer herders: it is so evocative and it does seem to capture so much of the essence of the places or people they sing of. I like it best sung a cappella, though of course you can find modern versions (even heavy metal for, goodness sake) of the songs or joiks, as they call them.

Here is our version of a traditional herding tune from Norway done on hurdy gurdy, flute, accordion and guitar in a very non traditional way. It is called Trill Trall

The bit about shit from pineapple jam is nowt t'do with me I tells ee.