28 June 2009

doll with broll

We got up to the plot Saturday afternoon and the heavens opened up.

Rain on hot earth produces the most wonderful perfume that has never been invented.

After the downpour it soon got hot and muggy again though. The soil needed that drink badly. More hot sweatiness next week it seems.


Waddle-you-do and Waddle-you-don't are now proud mum and dad to four beautiful East Indian Black ducklings. There were five but, alas, one didn't make it. She is a fiercly protective mum and launches a full scale attack if you come anywhere near them. The clodlet is obviously very proud too.

23 June 2009

The Wholly Sprt (hic!)

It's great to be bringing bucket loads of lovely fruit and veg home to put straight on the dinner table. These rocket potatoes are just er....out of this world.

I think though, all in all, things may be looking up and I may be spending a lot more time in church thanks to the Bishop or Worcester.

"A senior bishop has backed the move, which is part of a Church of England initiative to put a Christian emphasis on the annual celebration of fatherhood.

Concerns over the lack of men attending services year-round has led clergy to offer a range of incentives today, including free beer, bacon rolls and chocolate bars.

It is the first time that the Church has attempted to treat Fathers' Day in the same way as Mothering Sunday, which has traditionally formed part of its calendar.

The plan to distribute ale has upset groups working to tackle alchohol abuse, but the Rt Rev John Inge, the Bishop of Worcester, said that it could help churches to attract more men.

He argued that the free beer was intended to be symbolic of "the generosity of God".

Men at St Stephen's church in Barbourne, Worcester, will be handed bottles of beer by children during the service. A prayer will be said for the fathers before the gifts are distributed.

The Ven Roger Morris, archdeacon of Worcester, who will be leading the service at St Stephen's today, said that it was a practical way of sending a message to fathers.

"I don't see any other time that we can stop and remember fathers, and this is a gesture saying 'Here's something that will bless you,'" he said. "

I am wondering though, dear reader, whether or not to hold out for the sofa, the plasma screen TV, the bacon bun and a beer before popping along. ~Whaddya think?

03 June 2009

the o'conner chronicles#3

I did get a reply from Cormac. He basically said that his comments on transcendence had been misunderstood (to a certain extent) and that in no way did he wish to diminish the humanity of a first rate chappie like myself. Non first rate chappies though seem to be fair game.

I suppose all the perpetrators of the vileness outlined in the Ryan report are all first rate chappies and chappesses and the extra dimension added to their lives by belief in god simply make them immune from prosecution.

Funny old world innit? Not saying what you mean. Not meaning what you say.

Leads to this sort of thing.