05 January 2014

Black Cat Blues

Black cat scurrying home to find somewhere warm to sit - if a black cat crosses your path it means it's going somewhere! It has two white back legs which must be a bit like being ginger. I can't keep my hood down against the wind: it's lost its tie loops. Have to hold it in place pulled down over my eyes. Can't see much except my wellies and path; the edges of the plots tell me where I am as I pass them: that lump of wood, that row of blue barrels, that bit of carpet, that bit of metal sticking out the ground. Tiny landmarks. Probably not a good idea to be so unalert to what's going on around me in this wind. Fuckit. Feels like the weather is telling us we forgot how to be human and is about to remind us. Almost dark. Two eggs to collect. Give them last nights pasta and some staleish bread and some corn and layers pellets for tomorrows breakfast. Put the head torch on which also keeps coat hood in place nicely (why didn't think of that b4?). Water bowl doesn't need filling. Nesting boxes need a clean out but don't want to do it now. Need some cold, clear, bright days to get some work done. Probably mildly depressed but aware of it. Don't believe humanity stands much of a chance now. Could be wrong...and belief is its own dungeon: all of it. Bolt the doors against Mr Fox and go cut lots of kale to put in a hearty casserole to eat while the goings still good.

01 January 2014


'Hey Pan...Happy New Year'
'STFU....go back to sleep'
'You furrys don't give a shit about new year, do you?'
'Why's that?'
'Well duh, every second is a brand new one, dummy.'
'We tamed time.'
'Nah..you just think you did. What you tame you become a slave of.... Time you went to work anyway.'
'Shit! So it is. Happy New year anyway.'
'Fill yer boots man, have a cuddle first, then fill my food bowl.'