14 April 2014

barrel blue

As well as the blue sky I put the blue barrel on stilts and put a tap and a hosepipe on it.  You can't do that with the sky.

Why would I do that?  Well, the allotment rooolz say I am not allowed to water the greenhouse with a hosepipe because it is against the rooolz and probably because we haven't had nearly enough rain this winter, and rooolz is rooolz, or something.  But I am allowed to fill the barrel with a hospipe.  So I put the barrel on stilts and attached a hosepipe and now I can fill the barrel with a hosepipe while simultaneously watering the greenhouse with a hosepipe that comes out the bottom of the barrel.  Cunning, neh?  One only needs to do this when we have a longish dry spell and when the hell does that ever happen round here?

I haven't found a flaw in this plan yet but I expect the committee will when they watch me put this deviousness into action.  I don't have a plan B.  It's good that rain doesn't come from the sky in hosepipes isn't it?  That would look awful.

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