11 April 2014

hoods for goods

Capital Resolve Ltd is about the fifth debt collection company using my personal mobile number to try to extract money out of someone called Anne Machin.  The latest text missive (they come quite often) reads "We've arranged for a Debt Recovery Officer to call at your property on 18th April 2014 between 10am and 8pm, reference 016668."

It is getting tiresome.  The last company to try this on was Westcott Debt Collection Agency.  I went half clod on their ass till I extracted a grovelling apolology from their customer relations manager.

 I am sorly tempted to go full clod on this lots ass: never a pretty sight....but it can be quite amusing.  Dunno....vote now!

The downside of this sort of stuff is it makes me want a fag. Shut up.

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