29 June 2008


We've probably planted too many courgette plants this year. This one is trying to take over the greenhouse.

Ben at work....

and at play.......he is trying to take over the New Rope String Band. Probably will.

'...what do you mean Davros is back! Impossible....call the Doctor'!


llewtrah said...

I have an embarrassment of courgettes. I seem to be picking one or two every day and I've only got 6 plants! I am certain if I leave them unattended for a weekend they'll turn into marrows and I'll have to make marrow and fruit jam or something.

clodhopper said...

6 Plants!! Caramba! You'll be swimming in them soon.

I seem to remember one of the allotmenteers on my blog roll extolling the virtues of cougette and chocolate cake last year. No, I did not try it.

I love marrows stuffed with brown rice, nuts and veg tho.

happy picking!