04 June 2008

Defrag C: Y ___ N ?

There should be an option to defrag ones brain every so often. I have several topics vying for attention at the moment and consequently not a one of them is properly in focus. After a while this gets irritating and is no way to treat a brain.

So, I goes into the garden with me cuppa to unwind a bit and it's lovely: a gentle breeze, sunny blue sky, the odd fluffy white cloud here and there with swifts darting about displaying aeronautical genius that engineers should pay more attention to (maybe they do), and way way up, a rather large bird which could've been a buzzard or couldn't have been as the case may be, doing roughly what you see in the picture before heading off north in a straight (ish) line. Never seen that before; I think he was just 'avin a larf.

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llewtrah said...

My brain needs defraggin too! I got told off at work last week for snapping at someone. What do they expect when I'm trying to do my own work and 2 other people's work (holidays) and it's end of quarter and everyone is fighting to get me to do their work because their deadlines are most important. I think I had the neural equivalent of a disk crash.