03 June 2008

Lettus Prey

Both out of the Real Seeds stable, Sur la gauche, nous avons 'Reine des Glaces' with enough frills to make a respectable TuTu out of. This one is about two hundred years old; well, not this one exactly....it would've gone mouldy by now....but the variety is.

The toothy leaves are really cool and crisp with a light refreshing flavour. Dreary me, I should've gone into advertising. It develops very quickly and just having a bowl of it around of an evening is a delight. Tell you what (phillistine that I am).....I really like wrapping a few pringles up in one of the leaves and munching away. munch munch.

vachement cool!

Sur le Droit nous avons 'Devils Tongue' with bright purply red leaves growing up to a foot long tasting of extreme wickedness with an afterburn of sulphorous debauchery and hedonistic excess. Straight out of the inferno this one. Truly delicious. Here (as the Real Seeds people might say), it is being modelled by Ben with an equally evil carrot.


Esther Montgomery said...

I really like the look of the 'Devil's Tongue' - but it is bitter?

Esther Montgomery

clodhopper said...

esther: Not at all. Very sweet and tasty lettuce & beautiful to look at too. The bitterness implied in my Satanic prose was just pure out and out evil to stop you buying any of the seed because
IT'S ALL MINE *cackle* MINE I TELL YOU *evil satanic laugh with full reverb* MINE.....*fades*

clodhopper said...

Oh....alright then:

Esther Montgomery said...

Thank you for the info. I appreciate it.

Thank you too, for visiting my blog.

Trouble is, I'm awfully prim - so I deleted it.

Please don't be offended, or be put off saying something another time.

And please forgive me for being a prude!


Esther Montgomery said...

'Plav' - like that!


clodhopper said...

Esther: No offence taken or intended & no apology necessary. I should give you fair warning though that I am not well known for censoring either my pees or my queues online, nor some strongly held points of view sometimes expressed, shall we say, in language which takes no prisoners. You may therefore choose, as I am sure some others do, to avoid this site.

I am too old a leopard to be changing spots now.

Wonder what Plavs wear. Probably lots of Pling.

Esther Montgomery said...

Oh! Unless you were to forbid me to visit - I wouldn't want to miss out on reading 'Clodhoppers'.

I enjoy the humour. I enjoy the occasional abrasiveness. I enjoy the fox and chickens and muscovy duck - and your recent photo of the greenhouse is utterly, utterly peaceful and beautiful.

(Though clearly a lot of work in there too!)

Its just that I do have this funny thing about written down swearing. I don't swear myself but, when in the company of people who do, it generally just washes over me.

(And, if a site is good and fun and interesting - as yours is - it doesn't bother me what people say in the comfort of their own blog!)

After your warning, I've been jumping backwards randomly through the posts - in case there are hidden terrors! - but haven't found any yet.

On the other hand, under the title 'Mr McCawber' (I think) there's a sort of prayer about having the wisdom to know when to be tolerant and when, simply, to knock out the person who is irritating you.

The whole family is very cheered by this - and my husband is urging me to ask if you would mind if we print it out - so he can give a copy to some people who like to put things like this on their cafe wall (where he plays backgammon every Wednesday morning). (Well, he doesn't play backgammon on the wall . . . .)

(I'm not clear if you invented it or copied it from somewhere yourself.)

Anyway - hope that's ok.

Like your 'going all the way round the flat earth' thing too.

Apologies for over-doing this, but it is the first time I've ever complained about anything anyone has said on my blog and I'm feeling grovellingly apologetic and - with family rattling round and talking at me non-stop and leaning on my arms while I type, I haven't the brain power to be elegant, nor to whittle this down to a sensible length.


clodhopper said...

Esther: 'nuff said....you're always welcome here and I'll behave meself over at yours. It's too sunny a day to be feeling guilty.

The thing about work was in general circulation (wait for it), at work. Tis therefore in the public domain so feel free to copy.

Ooooh, I just hate it when they swing on your arms and you're trying to type. Grrrrrr!

Esther Montgomery said...