10 June 2008

Causley & Effect

Green man in the garden
Staring from the tree,
Why do you look so long and hard
Through the pane at me?

Your eyes are dark as holly
Of sycamore your thorns,
Your bones are made of elder branch,
Your teeth are made of thorns.

Your hat is made of ivy-leaf
Of bark your dancing shoes,
And evergreen and green and green
Your jacket and shirt and trews.

Leave your house and leave your land and throw away the key,
And never look behind, he creaked
And come and live with me.

I bolted up the window, I bolted up the door,
I drew the blind that I should find the green man never more.
But when I softly turned the stair
As I went up to bed,
I saw the green man standing there.
'Sleep well, my friend,' he said.

(GREEN MAN IN THE GARDEN by Charles Causley)


Esther Montgomery said...

Having read your post about 'Ben's Den' the other day, I came back to ask if you know the poem 'Den to Let' by Gareth Owen.

And here you are with Charles Causley.

The Green Man poem is powerful.

Do you know 'Timothy Winters' (also by Charles Causley) (and also very moving) ?

(Don't know why I ask really, except no-one seems to know it and I feel a bit campaignish on its behalf.)

Esther Montgomery

clodhopper said...

Hi Esther.....yes, I love...Ears like bombs and teeth like splinters: A blitz of a boy is Timothy Winters.

...I'm not familiar with Den To Let though. I'll have a look for it.