11 June 2008


Aw...enough already! Mr Fox ripped through a neighbours shed and slaughtered another 12 hens last night.

I'm warning you, it'll only take one phone call to George. He has a special way with terrorists you know.

I have been pissing for England round the boundaries as Mr Fox is put off by the smell of male urine. I know how he feels.

Edit: A survey of the plots reveals the scoreline is more like:

Mr Fox: 200 Humans/Ducks/Geese/Hens 0


llewtrah said...

Trouble is, when hens panic the fox's instinct is to go for everything in sight. I don't believe in hunting foxes (cruel and inefficient), but shooting a nuisance fox is often the only way to go.

Matron said...

Love the photo! did you scent marking efforts pay off?

clodhopper said...

I don't know matron. Not lost any for a while now but they are all locked away securely (I hope) every night and I've lined the shed door with some old tin sheet. Mr Fox couldn't get through that, could he? I'm still going to spray the boundaries though. I feel like a tomcat!