30 November 2006

Seed Bunk

While not in the same class as Jane's willow trugs, we have found this Asda basket (reclaimed from a skip somewhere or other) very handy on the allotment and it more often than not comes home with us filled with good produce decidedly not from Asda. In the check-out this week are lots of Kestrel potatoes, leeks, parsnips (some of which grew entwined around each other in a most kama sutra like fashion) and lettuce and i forget what else.

Monday was bright and breezy but not cold and a good four hour session from both of us saw quite a lot get done. I started to build a bunk bed for next years seed trays in the greenhouse. It looks ridiculously posh for an allotment being made of reclaimed bits of beautifuly varnished pine.
There is another layer to go on the top yet but ran out of nails and time to finish it - oh well, next time.


Melanie Rimmer said...

Are you growing your lettuce under cover?

clodhopper said...

Hi Mel...we have put some winter lettuce in the cold frame but the one in the picture is from the outside bed which remarkably still has a few left which have survived till now.

Anonymous said...

i am so envious of your greenhouse lucky you

Anonymous said...

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