13 November 2006

Ecky Thump

oh dear oh dear oh dear it will no doubt be clear that I have been assiduoulsy studying html coding farting about with my blog and making a mess of things. Bothered? look at my face......etc.

Raked lots and lots of fallen leaves from the windy streets around the park today to make into mulch/compost and decided to change career and become a street cleaner. People actually stop and talk to you!


Misshathorn said...

Mmm..uh, yeah,I did notice that things looked a bit different yesterday. You seem to be in the throes of some sort of metamorphosis. Anyway, I'm going to take your recommendation and grow a wurzel next year. My German partner tells me that mangel wurzel translated is starvation root.

clodhopper said...

Hi misshathorn....you're not wrong...I think I'm turning into a cabbage and what's more I think I like it! Can I quote/steal your Tom Robbins post on the beet which is great fun? I wonder why the wurzel translates as 'starvation root?'...be interesting to find out.

Misshathorn said...

Yes you may quote/steal, afterall that's what I did. And some day soon, when the quarterly/seasonal/periodical magazine/rag/pamphlet that I'm planning to publish gets close to happening, maybe you'd be interested in 'contributing'(£?, it might be low budget but lovingly handcrafted) some of your writing. Because the 'On Pendle Hill' piece is just the type of prose that I think I need more of...

Anonymous said...

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