04 December 2006

Seasonal Nose Picking

Little voice from the back of the car on the way out to the School Xmas Fair on Saturday......
"If anyone wants to do some seasonal nose picking, do it now!"

Sunday....force 10 gusts smash two sheets of glass from the greenhouse roof and turns compost bin lid into a frisbee. Probably somewhere in Blackpool by now.


Anonymous said...

I can just picture the scene! LOL

Anonymous said...

We'll keep an eye out for that compost bin lid as we're expecting your force 10 gale tonight (just in case it didn't get caught on the tower). What comes around goes around! All the best Susan and Cathleen :)

clodhopper said...

Believe me S & C.....if that bin lid was gonna land in Oak Bay I would be on it! Take Care. Tell Arthur I'll write soon, honest I will.

Anonymous said...

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