24 April 2006

Helicopter Head

Went for a walk and a helicopter landed on Ben's head as they do (can you spot him)?

It turned out to be the North West Air Ambulance based at Blackpool called out to attend someone who had collapsed in the woods left of picture. It was sad because he was there planting a tree in memory of his mum who had recently died. I think he was ok though because they didn't have to fly him out.

Ben of course found it all terribly exciting and blagged his way into the cockpit and now insists the only thing he wants to be when he grows up is a helicopter pilot.

I think he likes the idea of being able to get from Jenny Browns Point to Blackpool in 8 minutes flat. I like the idea of getting anywhere out of Blackpool however long it takes.

Saw this bracket mushroom on a stump but my cheap and chearful digital can't really do the colours justice or pick out the beautiful patterns that were in it.

Sowed a lot of asparagus lettuce seed and re-potted all the tomato and sweetcorn seedlings which were attempting to grow themselves to oblivion where they were. More work done digging out, weeding and levelling the various mounds of earth in front of shed.

The latest thinking is to put a bit of a camomile lawn in front of it for dossing on during the long hot summer while drinking something chilled. I was going to use up the rest of the flags but lummy they've all gone so they have.