01 April 2006

Pot Noodles

Decided ground still too wet and cold to put the spuds in so herself potted up some white spider lilly and an abysinnian gladioli and potted an easter cactus cutting that amazingly enough rooted very well just in water. No sign of guilt is there? Why would there be? Well, see the nice new blue plantpot?

Herself found this in a store (which shall remain nameless), at £2.99. Not bad but wait.....there were four more inside it nesting like russian dolls in ever decreasing sizes. Herself thought Hmmmm £2.99 for five. Bargain. Took same to checkout and sure enough was charged £2.99 for the lot. At home all was revealed as each one unpacked individually priced!

Sowed some marigold seeds and put a couple more tip rescued shelves up in shed and started to dig out and level the mound of earth in front of same with a view to linking up the paths. Wind getting up and another bank of rain moving in. Such Happy Fools.


Petunia's Gardener said...

Well...share some seedlings or produce with another and her karma will be in the right. It is a beautiful blue!

Petunia's Gardener said...

PS-I went for a 2 for $1 fuchsia and geranium start sale and also picked up parsnip seeds. I don't have a place ready to plant yet, but I'm sure you'll hear more.

Anonymous said...

Is it stilll raining up north?
Spoke to Mum(who lives at Great Eccleston) on phone yesterday and she said her front borders are flooded as usual and there's even frog spawn in them!!!

clodhopper said...

Fantastic! Parsnips take over Washinton State - now heading for Virginia. State troops on high alert!

Jean - it's a classic april day - sun wind showers hail more wind...bit more rain etc etc. Has yer mum gottapond?

Anonymous said...

No she hasn't got a pond so I suggested she find the nearest neighbour with one!!!