04 May 2006


Hampered last week and this by a bad flare up of eczema on both hands which, frustratingly, limits how much I can do in the garden. We need to start clearing the greenhouse of seedlings so that we can establish the tomato plants but where to put all those pots & seed trays? So, (and it was probably silly given the state of my hands), on Sunday I turned one of good old Mildred's windows into the cold frame you see. That will help a lot, although spacewise, we could probably do with another one like that.

Ahhh, I see that camomile lawns (see last post) like acid conditions and hate clay. Maybe it's not such a good idea then. We would certainly have to throw in a lot of efficacious compound. Maybe it wouldn't take too well to the amount of traffic on it either? I don't know. Any ideas?

I notice on the path down to the poultry section of the allotments that there is lots of comfrey and nettle growing. I think it was a couple of weeks ago that Monty made a witches brew of liquid manure out of these by taping some pop bottles together and compressing the leaves in them to eventually release a concentrated liquid fertiliser. Never done it before & I bet it's a tad on the whiffy side. Still I have some old drainpipe left and my sinuses are stuffed anyway so...what the hell?


Petunia's Gardener said...

Nice job on the cold frame. Meant to tell you after an earlier picture that I like that shed door! Hope the hands can be back in the dirt soon.

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