03 April 2006

Hail April

Alpine clouds scud east and an ominous blackness looms from the west. Four rows of onions (improved turbo) went in and then someone up in those menacing clouds ripped open some polystyrene bean-bags and tipped the lot on us. Took shelter in the shed and sat in a trance watching the hail bounce and dance off the surface. Quite mesmerising. At times like these the mini-bar is a real asset. Big mug of hot tea with some walnut bread and a big wodge of cheese. Can live with that.

Sowed some sweet pea (cupani) and some we saved from last years seed crop. Courgette (black beauty) – old seed so maybe maybe-not. Lettuscees (fortuna;smile;miluna and a French curly one from old seed I know not whot).

Sun came out to play so did a bit more levelling but blimeyohriley its claggy to work.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes beanbags with polystyrene balls-a while ago looked at daughter's bean bag and thought cover was a bit grubby but alas inner bag supposedly containing millions of tiny polystyrene balls had split open!!!
Have been brought up not to waste anything so decided to attempt to remove balls into large box so that I could wash outer cover-BIG MISTAKE- found that the balls will stick to anything and that incudes clothes,carpet and even SKIN!It took daughter and I over an hour just to get about a small bowl of balls back in the bag and I'm sure some are still buried in the carpet!!!

Anonymous said...

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