19 March 2006

Sitting On It

Blog won't let me upload pictures today. Fdisked the hard drive and removed some partitions last week and re loaded everything and discovered no modem driver. Double D'oh. Maybe that has something to do with it. Hate computers.

Clear cold day up at Clodhoppers with bright sunshine. Removed last bits of old metal shed and took them to the tip. Cathy dug over the patch by the greenhouse which, now it's done, looks quite big.

Some brave souls have taken over the plot behind ours which looks like it's been derelict for a few years. Masses of junk on it & in a terrible state. They've started to rebuild the fence on the east side. Don't know why. Seems to me fences serve four purposes. To sit on, on your bum or in your head. To keep things in. To keep things out. Or, to mark a boundary. The boundary is already well defined. The one they're building won't keep anything in or out so I guess it must be to sit on. I think allotments look better without them meself....more open, more sort of communally feel to them. What do you think?

The tomato seedlings going great guns and the sweetcorn too. Sadly the cucumber and pepper seeds all no show but Cathy says wait and be patient. Not my strong point!