19 March 2006

Mini Bar Opens!

The Mini Bar Is Now Open

Visitors to the bar most welcome but must observe strict dress code.

1. Wellies or stout boots derigeure
2. No ties allowed (not any colour)
3. All outers must be liberally spattered in mud, paint or unidentifiable gloop.
4. Everything should be a little whiffy!

The bar is clean (relative), air conditioned (fully) and serves a wide variety of drinks which include tea, Tea, TEA, Tea, tea, more tea and yet more tea. Customers may choose from an interesting array of drinking containers, some advisable, some less so. A hint of meths is optional!


Greenmantle said...

Will there be biscuits?....There have to be biscuits !!

Anonymous said...

Yay! You changed your settings.

Biscuits would be good, ginger nuts go very well down the allotment.

Do you not have coffee? Or a nip of brandy?

Frankie said...

A hipflask full of Laphroaig please :)

Anonymous said...

Is that a camping stove? What a fantastic idea. We may have tea on mtp yet...

clodhopper said...

Yes there will be biscuits...especially gingernuts.

Coffee starts in April.

No retail licence for hard liquor....but we won't let that stop us will we?

Yup mtp, the stove is a
Trangia meths burner but any camping stove will do the business.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Yeah ...a use for the camping stove! You've surely started something here (and I thought I was doing good to have a painting hanging in my barn/garden shed). I've enjoyed visiting your site.

Anonymous said...

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