29 March 2006


On late shift so can go clodhopping for a few hours. Sowed three rows of parsnips (hollow crown) and put the chitty aran piper spuds in the greenhouse to harden off for a day or two. Ground too clarty to dig much after the heavy rain yesterday. May get 'em in at the weekend. The site is quite exposed so it does dry off quickly if there's a blow on.

Thumped another scaffold pole deep into the ground at front of shed....that's three in now. Purpose is to anchor shed and prevent it being tossed across the allotments by the huge winds that can blow up here. A few years back (so we're told) one was picked up at one end of the allotments and deposited at the other. Same with the greenhouses whose twisted and mangled remains lay dotted around the site. Suspect the wind was responsible for smashing the two panes of glass in the greenhouse roof at the weekend. I think it twisted the guttering round and smashed the downpipe into the glass. Smeg!


Sow cucumbers and get mushrooms!

Tomorrow, I'm going to put some lumps of lead in a pot on the windowsill and water them with the same stuff.

I'll be rich in no time.


Petunia's Gardener said...

Don't ya just love the surpises! Not those from the wind though. Tie it down tight, I guess. Thanks for linking to my blog. You'll have to check out the newest NW USA garden that I'll have a link for.. The blackberry garden (and here, we all have those struggles). I'm sure all you allotment owners will inspire her too! Congratulations on the seedlings, good luck with the lead.

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