06 March 2006

The Greenhouse Goes Up

Anyway, to go back in time a bit again. One of my colleagues at work had a greenhouse that he wanted rid of and we were happy to oblige and had a smashing time dismantling it. So there it is now, a snug fit at the north end of the allotment.

On a trip to the tip to dispose of all the broken bits of glass etc we had a look in the hardcore skip and lo and behold, there were ten or so of THE most perfect foundation stones to put round the edge. I just love co-incidences like that. Mind you, the springs of the old Sierra were nearly bent double moving them.

The greenhouse was eventually open for business in July, rather late in the season and just in time before we dissapeared off to British Columbia for a month. The tomatoplants just got thrown in and left to get on with it which they did fairly well given the lack of TLC. Made loads of green tomato chutney when we got back. Yum!

Next thing was the shed.....but nothing much doing on the second hand front there and in any case, it would have to wait until the autumn/winter time. It's just getting boring carrying car loads of tools and STUFF back and forth.