26 February 2009

This floor is so cunningly designed, it's under my feet wherever I walk...Gasp!

I'm celebrating Darwin's 200th by drinking tea and holding interactive species learning seminars in my bedroom.

I have invited Ray Comfort and Chuck Missler to speak so that we can get a balanced perspective on the thing and to provide powerful counter arguments to Darwin's theories.

First up Chuck explains cogently how life cannot have gotten started without divine intervention.

Next up, Ray will effectively counter the theory of evolution with reference to a bannana.

We will have a hard time countering such enthralling scholarship.

I note that Ray has just offered to pay $20,000 to The Richard Dawkins Foundation For Reason and Science if he can have a face to face debate with Richard. If he takes a coconut, I am sure he will be able to demonstrate how the fist bra was made....thanks be.


Mary Sharpe said...

I can't comment . . . I'm dumbstruck . . . how on earth did you come across such wonderful clips?

Oh . . . it was meant!

I'll have nightmares thinking about new life springing from peanut butter jars.

I'll never see a banana wihout giggling.

And now I know that everything that is - is designed specifically with human beings in mind . . . malaria, cholera . . . even bananas.

I thought I was speechless and now find I'm rambling all over the place.


So glad I clicked on 'play'.

(And I'd thought the title of your post was enough!)

Mary Sharpe

clodhopper said...

Hi Mary

It's amazing isn't it? These people are entirely serious and really believe what they are saying.

Oh well, at least it gave you a laugh.


Diacanu said...

"...but despite this obvious truth..".
(The chick at the beginning of the peanut butter video).



My expectations were significantly lowered by then.

clodhopper said...

Diacanu: I think I'm gonna crawl in my wardrobe and hide in the dark and eat bannanas for a bit.

Anonymous said...

Oy vey!

Terrific post, Clod. I know you know all the stuff I'm going to say in response, but for someone reading your blog and comments section and not familiar with this stuff, I want to make some points:

These videos are "an atheist's worst nightmare," because they demonstrate how phenomenal anti-science/pro-creationist ignorance can be -- not only mind-boggling and really sad -- but a threat to all the gains humanity's made through reason and science.

1. About peanut butter: Lucky for us new life doesn't form in vacuum-sealed food products! Of course, we only know to vacuum-seal or otherwise preserve our food products because we've learned about illness -causing micro-organisms through science!

2. About bananas: This is just sad, because they didn't even bother looking up banana cultivation on the internet just to check... man has cultivated this particular type of banana for just those traits, specifically for sweetness, since at least the 1800s. Even apples and corn have been cultivated by humans to be larger, sweeter and prettier.

Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in the fist bra. Do you have any pictorial illustrations of this device to hand?

Laurie said...

I enjoy coating my banana in peanut butter, then moving it slowly backwards and forwards between my thumb and forefinger, then sliding my other hand down.... Oops. Sorry. Thought I was on Jimmy Bakker's blog. Sorry. Carry on.

clodhopper said...

Hey Laurie

Such behaviour is unlikely IMO to lead to any specific selection advantage for the phenotype and there is always the risk of blindness or worse!