19 February 2009


We are spending half term playing catch up on the allotment. Beds that should have been cleared and manured before Xmas still need doing. In the last couple of days we have dug over some of these and prepared a bed for the broad beans. Also sown in pots or trays, leeks, diamond aubergine, black prince tomatoes and mayan indian tomatoes (both from Terre de Semences).

In the big greenhouse I built some staging for seed trays out of bits of an old wooden bed frame. I've built it so that it can be easily disassembled and stored away when not needed. This should stop me reinventing the wheel every year with whatever timber happens to be at hand.

Tomorrow is table tennis and haircut day and Saturday is Heat the Streets .....we know how to live it up up here I tell you!

Oooo, I just heard that the National Trust is going to make land available for 1000 more allotments. Good for them; wish some local authorities would follow suit now.

Recommended reading: Holes by Louis Sachar

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