04 March 2009


I love the traditional singing of the Sami reindeer herders: it is so evocative and it does seem to capture so much of the essence of the places or people they sing of. I like it best sung a cappella, though of course you can find modern versions (even heavy metal for, goodness sake) of the songs or joiks, as they call them.

Here is our version of a traditional herding tune from Norway done on hurdy gurdy, flute, accordion and guitar in a very non traditional way. It is called Trill Trall

The bit about shit from pineapple jam is nowt t'do with me I tells ee.


Matron said...

What a beautiful photograph! but it looks cold... very cold.

clodhopper said...

Hi Matron

Yup...makes me shivver too. Soon be spring now eh?