29 February 2008


It is SO annoying, when involved in a vaguely intelligent discussion with someone, when they begin to engage in verbal gymnastics such that suddenly, even the meaning of words are re-defined, and what should be regarded as questionable assumptions are taken as givens. Mostly I find this happens when talking to theologians or to people with an exaggerated sense of their own moral superiority. When this happened to me the other day I got exasperated and said 'I assumed the world was round, so I went round it, and it was flat, all the way round.'

This is another good response to that sort of person/argument/thing.

Happy Leaping Day


Anonymous said...

even the hilly bits?

But I do know what you mean. Ever since my brother got cleverer than me I've avoided having a conversation with him for that very reason.

clodhopper said...

helena: That brother of yours eh! Tch!

Anonymous said...

I find "oh, p*** off" works quite well.

Simon said...

Blimey you write well. Thanks for a very entertaining couple of hours.

clodhopper said...

Simon: Welcome and thank you. I've been sadly neglecting my blog recently having overdosed on ennui. A return to form is overdue methinks.

Nice blog by the way.