12 February 2008

D Day

Sorry. Clodhopper is in hibernation. Just waking up enough to wish you all a Happy Darwin Day *yawn*
Ooooo! The sun is shining. Is spring coming round...Yay!
You may, like me, not know quite what to do on Darwinday unlike StValentinesday when you send your beloved some inane message like roses are red, violets are silly, grease up yer flaps coz here comes my..........
Oh well here's a few suggestions for the day:
1. eat something you never tried before
2. Celebrate by trying to mate with individuals who display favourable survival characteristics. (genetic recombination)
3. go around dressed up as the creatures we have evolved from,
4. Hold interactive species learning 'seminars' etc.
5. Raise a cup of tea in his honour! (He married into the Wedgewood family, it seems only fair to salute with a tea cup!)
6. Take a beagle out for a long walk. Or if you see one, pet it. (better ask first if you may)
7. Get kids to ask their biology teachers about Mr Darwin, just to get things started.
8. If it is winter where you live, do not feed the birds but go watch them a bit.


llewtrah said...

I chose to cuddle the cat. She is, after all, a member of a superior species (at least in this household) :)

helena said...

I had some Ringtons tea (Which is very nice tea indeed) and so I drank a cup in his honour...

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