21 December 2006


I was bathing Ben tonight and he said 'Dad, what do you want for Christmas?' I told him I'd like all the people in the world to have what we take for granted; clean water to drink; a warm roof overhead; knowing where our next meal is coming from; adequate health care; not to be afraid that we'll be shot up or bombed tomorrow etc etc. He thought for a bit and then said 'Dad, it's not an option. It has to be something you can wrap up." Which about sums it up really doesn't it?


Petunia's Gardener said...

I think you've got your little treasure there already!

And to think people actually do have it in their power to gift many of these wishes. We cannot stop killer storms, accidents, some health issues but fighting/fear is something people do to ourselves and something in the way of many other of these wishes. You've been a good boy this year, so where do start to make this wish list come true?

Unknown said...


Wishing you and yours a Wonderful Christmas - and a healthy and peaceful new year

clodhopper said...

Hi PG He sure is a little treasure. Have a wonderful Christmas with all your family. We're off to Grandma Gravy's now. She makes a fab bread sauce!

Allotment Lady: Thanks a lot. Take care and all the best to you and yours. Springs not so far now is it?

Anonymous said...

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