20 December 2006

Oh ye of Liddle Faith

The Trouble with Atheism C4 Monday 18 Dec

Oh well, they really shot themselves in the foot with that one didn't they? For some reason I expect better from C4 than an hour long piece of drivel that probably infuriated the believers just as much as it did the other believers. And as to his final and naive question as to why the believers and the non believers can't just 'get along' does the man really need to be told that beliefs have consequences?

Gary Wolf did a better job here, C4 should do better. Rod Liddle should take his dog for a walk and think things through a bit.


lilymarlene said...

I saw it and thought he made some good points along the way...although largely it was irritating. For example...asking that chap about the time before the big bang...and what existed then.
To be honest, I have wondered for years how people who don't believe there is a God explain a lot of the things he touched on. I am a "believer" and have always thought that atheists take a greater "leap of faith" when it comes to evolution than we who believe that we are the product of a designing mind have.
Love all this debate too....so I'm glad you brought it up!!!!

beepbeepitsme said...

The answers are easy for an atheist. If you don't know, you don't know.

Anonymous said...

I'm an atheist. I see nothing around me that I need to invoke a god to explain.

I too watched this programme, and it infuriated me, no least because of the bland stereotypes applied. I was tutored by Peter Atkins at university, and disagreed with a lot of his hardcore views. Putting Richard Dawkins and him up as "representing the views of all atheists" is much like equating islamic extremists with all muslims.

And, the question about "what happened before the big bang" infuriated me. It's about as dumb as when creationists insist that evolution says that "eyes just happened by accident". Really, before offering an opinion on a debate one ought to be informed.

Anonymous said...

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