08 May 2006

Ted's Bounty

Yesterdays rain was SO welcome it could only be regarded as liquid sunshine. The ground was looking so dry and parched. Today it is blowing fierce gale force winds and so far there are two casualties that I know of. One of those plastic covered greenhouse kits took flight from somewhere lower down the plots and, narrowly missing Jack and Tom's greenhouses, was arrested mid flight by Cathy and some other plot holders. The other casualty (sob) was my own cold frame whose top was flung back and the glass smashed. My own stupid fault really for leaving it propped open too much in such windy weather.

However, I missed all that fun as I was out collecting Ted's Bounty. Ted is in the process of downsizing his gardening operations and had lots of goodies to give away. We got three water barrels, two more compost bins, lots of trays and pots and propogaters and some bocking 14 comfrey plants yippee and loads of other useful bits and pieces. Our very grateful thanks to Ted and......if you're reading this tonight......one of the other plotholders is interested in the greenhouse frame and is going to ring you.

Everything seems to need doing at once now but we don't have a huge amount of time for as well as the usual work commitments we have to spend any spare time we can grab rehearsing to play at the Fete de la Mazurka on Friday & Saturday nights with a newish lineup that could really do with at least three more rehearsals but we have no chance of that. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be alright on the night. Herself is muttering meaningfully about needing a base flute now!


Anonymous said...

I wish I knew Ted! I could have done quite a bit of that stuff myself! Happy birthday Clodhopper!

clodhopper said...

Thanks M. I hope you had a good one too yesterday!

Not working till three so I plan to sit in the garden with some sunshine some wine and some chocolates and listen to my new snow patrol cd eyes open......bliss.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for posting this as a comment, but I conuldn't find an email address. Happy birthday BTW!


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