18 May 2006

Jingly Jangly Mornin

Haven't been clodhopping for a week now and expecting severe punishment....probably 40 lashes from the horsetail over a cold frame. Ouch!

I see no realistic chance of getting up there until next week either by which time I expect a jungle. That's just how life is sometimes. Herself has been up a few times to fly the flag and plant things out that desperately needed to get out. She also brought back some of the asparagus and psb which was unbelievably tender and delicious.

The Fete de la Mazurka at the weekend was great fun and we played two bals and various sessions for about 60 or so dancers. We tried out the lottery waltz set on them. It's a long set of waltz tunes starting in 3 time then respectively 5, 8, 11 and 18 time waltzes and the dancers have to change steps accordingly. The dancers did thin out a bit but a surprising number of them stayed the distance and one cheeky bugger even asked for the bonus waltz. I think we will have to write one in some totally stupid time sig which is impossible to dance.

Work has been complete bedlam this morning and I'm taking 5 to chill out for a bit. I took the pic of the aquilegia in our garden last week and I've put it on my workstation this morning to soothe the jangly nerves.