03 May 2012

The Rhubarb of our Discontent

Clod's Brown Sauce

1kg rhubarb
500g onions
2 red chillies
2 cloves garlic
300g cooking/sour apples (peeled)
30g fresh ginger (chopped or grated)
1 tblsp ground ginger
1 tblsp paprika
150g sultanas (or any comb of dried fruits)
500ml red wine vinegar
1kg demerara sugare (or mix muscavado + white)
1 tblsp salt

Chop rhubarb into ½” pieces roughly
Chop apple, onions, chillies, garlic
Tip it all in a large pan with everything else

Bring to boil & simmer for 45mins until it’s a brown mush.
Let it cool then liquidise it.

Bottle it.  Wait 1 month, preferably 2 before eating

If you use dates..cut down on the sugar.  If you like hot…add more chilli.

Buy a pie and smother it with this and eat it…….nom nom nom


Anonymous said...

Now THIS makes a nice change to FGM.

We share a love of rhubarb-based preserves.

I can highly recommend rhubarb and vanilla jam. There is a good recipe on the BBC website that I have used a number of times:


(My tip is to cut the rhubarb into smaller chunks than the recommended 3cm.)

I would try to tell you how nice it is, but words literally fail me. All I will say is that when I made a 2kg batch the other day, I really really resented giving away even one jar. To my own mum.

clodhopper said...

Now THAT I must try. Thanks. I won't guilt trip you about yer ol mum. Poor thing ;-)

Anonymous said...

Gosh... that sounds nicer than a placcy squeezy tube of HP.

Er... I didn't mean to damn you with faint praise there. I meant an infinite amount nicer!