23 May 2010

flutes & co

Cartmel Priory last night.

The flute quoir played the best I've ever heard them: dynamic, fluid, accurate and passionate: playing a set of compositions both full of fun and playfulness while at the same time evoking a range of emotional response from joy to great sadness to sheer delight with the range, depth and beauty of tones produced. Just lovely. Awesome in fact - and that is never a word I use lightly. Well done you lot! So young too, most of em :-)

I do however think that my Cathy should not be encouraged to use the contra bass flute to remove unsightly earwax.

I tried to play it and achieved considerable success, even on the low notes, though you need an air compressor up your ass to maintain the note. I don't know how she does it.

I'm looking forward to playing Bohemian Rhapsody with them though I've no idea how I will emulate the sound Brian May gets out of his 'red special' guitar for the solo part.


el. said...

wow. i never even knew that a bass flute existed.


must of been pretty damn good ;] lol.

im not a big fan of flutes, except i do like the piccolo. i only know one person who can play it well at my school, and it sounds awesome :D

clodhopper said...

I think they had to rob three banks to buy it ellie. Not many around understandably. You can feel yer guts rumble to the low notes. Magic...er....flute.

el. said...

for that , why dont they just grab a bass and plug it into a large amp.

thatll do the trick (: