21 May 2010

everybody take offence day

Here is a picture of the prophet Mohammed. Muslims think that it is sinful to portray the prophet in any way. They are up in arms about the group on Facebook called 'Everyone Draw Mohammed Day'. Pakistan has blocked Facebook and now the page has been withdrawn by admin.

Well, whatever the rights and wrongs of the page, this demonstrates once again that the right to freedom of speech can be curtailed by the assumed right not to take offence. There is no such right, and the taking of 'offence' assumes too passive a role whereas IMO people are all too ready to take offence, will go out of their way to take offence or will actively choose to do so if it suits their purposes.

Anyway, I blogged in some depth on the topic of Religion and Respect last year and would direct readers with any interest in the subject to go here.

PS: The picture also shows Jesus, Thor, Vishnu, Isis, Zeus, Kali, Ra and 38,000 other deities. Only the pure of heart will be able to see the images clearly.


Philip said...

You've portrayed Quetzalcoatl rather well there, I'm going to take complete and unbridled unoffense at what you have done!

HAHA Take that!

clodhopper said...

Ahhh! The mighty Quetz. I have just defiled his holy tea with a sugar lump. Doomed am I.

I must say I find your unoffensiveness truly unoffensive in its unbridled form. We can still be mates though ;-)

el. said...

lol. i love your sense of humour.

*hi 5.

clodhopper said...

hi5 el. summer's finally arrived here, woohoo yay! take care, clod x

el. said...

Lool. we're just into winter now. (snowboarding, here i come).

you too.

LENA said...

Thank you for sharing. Wonderful post. I appreciate it.

I like some of your creative ideas