25 April 2010


Digging out.

No, it's not level. The ground slopes so not a lot I can do about it.

The liner looks excessive but it gets sucked into the pond as it fills. Better a bit too much than too little. Under the liner is some old carpet and visqueen to protect it.

Trimmed off the excess. The ducks just can't wait!

I need some thin slabs to cover the liner but it will always show a bit on the top side of the slope.

Happy Happy ducks!!!!!!


el. said...

wow. the things you do for ducks :D

you must be a nice person.

clodhopper said...

I don't know ellie. Read on. I call it how I see it and there are some who perhaps think I am not so nice because of it.

el. said...

D: well, i dunno. you make ducks lives better, you post pics of cute hedgehogs, you laugh in the face of politicians. i think you've got it bout right.

but.. you can't please everyone *shurgs along side* (:

clodhopper said...

I hope so.

If I can find a Gb ninth with an augmented fifth my life will truly be complete! :-)

el. said...

lol !. well i wish you well on you quest ^^