01 April 2010

The Fools The Fools

YIP YIP! Simon said.

If alternatively he had said that Judge Eady was a donkey, it could be said that that would be a matter of verifiable fact (or not), by any appropriately qualified zoologist. On the other hand, he could have ended up in court for defamation of character with lawyers earning hundreds of thousands of pounds while arguing for 6 months over the metaphorical meaning of 'donkey'. As it happens, he did end up in court, charged with libelling the British Chiropracters Association by implying that their claims that a bit of a back rub could cure, well, almost anything really, was bogus and that there was 'not a jot of evidence' to support such claims. Today the Court of Appeal has passed down a judgement that it was fair comment and it's a damn fine day for freedom of speech - and a chill, miserable morning at work has turned into a bright sunny day and restored a little of whatever bit of faith I had left that there is some justice and common sense left in the law.

Congratulations Simon!! It's a grand day for all of us...and well done you Judges too. Good Job.

BCA - Look at the date and grow up.

The full decision is here.

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