04 April 2010


I like listening to Andrew Marr's show 'Start the Week' on a Monday morning. It kicks my [somewhat reluctant] brain into gear and gets the neurones firing. That, and several cups of tea.

Tomorrow morning, so I hear, Rowan Williams (The Archbish of Cantebury), will tell listeners that the catholic church has lost all credibility in the wake of the sex abuse scandals that currently beset them. Well, like his own church, they never really had any credibility in the first place. I think it is more that people, society, us, are rapidly losing our gullibility and willingness to take what these self appointed guardians of morality say at face value. And they keep digging themselves deeper and deeper into the mire with almost every response they make. The latest being the comments of the Pope's personal preacher [what is that? Is it like a personal trainer?] the Rev. Raniero Cantalamessa preached the other day that the trauma and persecution faced by the catholic church at the moment is like that faced by the Jews during the holocaust. What, WHAT! Do you see catholics being herded into ghettos, stripped, forced into cattle trucks, sent to concentration camps, burnt, gassed, shot, used for medical experimentation? Do you see ANY violence towards catholics? Do you see anything other than a demand for them to accept responsibility, a demand for apology and compensation for the abused and justice for the abusers? And it wasn't the Jews that committed any crime was it? Unless it be that you (despite assertions to the contrary) still regard them guilty of deicide? Unless it be a crime just to be Jewish. Is that it? That he made such a monstrous comparison is beyond belief and very revealing of the institutional sickness that pervades the catholic church.

EDIT: And in todays news. The Popes preacher aplologises for comparing the churches suffering to the persecution of Jews. Rowan Williams apologises for saying the catholic church has lost all credibility. The Pope apologises for nothing. His senior cardinal (Angelo Sodano) conducting Easter Mass calls it all 'Petty Gossip'. He hasn't apologised for that yet...........sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorrysorrysorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorrysorrysorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry. Really?


Exasperated Youth said...

Religion as a whole has less credibility these days. The lies and hypocrisy that seem almost a given with any form of religion have hopefully opened the eyes of the blind masses. I find it incredible just how many still subscribe to this crap. In this age of science and progress, surely we can find a better explanation for our existence than "God did it"?

clodhopper said...

Indeed. But the number of people willing to peddle some new age woo woo in its place is disconcerting.

Personally, I don't require an explanation of our existence, and I'm certainly not willing to make one up or accept someone elses explanation without some evidence.