06 November 2009


I locked them all up in my cellar today: all the miserable mullahs, the creepy cardinals, the awful archbishops and one putrescent pope along with a handful of purply priests.

I told them all to take off their stupid dresses and hats and to put on boiler suits (provided) and to feed my boiler.

They can be heard whingeing through the floorboards that I am not showing them proper respect.

All their flocks are knocking on my door saying, 'what do we do now?'

'Do good works', I tell them, 'what are you, sheepl?'

'Baaaaaa', they go.


Lucy Corrander said...

You could take a collection.


clodhopper said...

I got 3 fatwahs, 1 thinwah (there's a recession on), a plenary indulgence and a glory be and the boiler went out.

Laurie said...

As I don't have a cellar I tend to keep mine in a cave up in the bush a bit. Suits them, I think.