13 August 2009

Wiff in the Willows

Where there are compost bins and chicks and ducklings and good places to tunnel and hide from nasty humans, there you will find rats and plenty of them. There are poisons and traps and curious electronic execution chambers you can buy; you can sit there (as some do), with telescopic sighted air rifles waiting patiently in the dusk to blow their brains out; I suppose you could try blowing a shofa (see previous post) and incanting to your god of choice to see if that works - I guarantee it won't.

If all those fail, get yourself a male polecat or ferret and collect its pooh; shove it down the rat holes or make a solution of it in water and spray it round your poultry boundaries. Problem solved. It will keep away the mink, and the stoat and the weasel; and ratty and mole may prefer to go play with Mr Badger too.


Petunia's Gardener said...

you said the magic words "moles...go" Are you going to be packaging that stuff and sending off to worthy/needy bloggers?

Congratulations on your new addition! Paula

clodhopper said...

Hi Paula

I think some customs officials may come knocking if I try to send intercontinental pooh parcels!