24 August 2009

Clod's Kitchen (help needed)

There is stuff everywhere in the kitchen. You have to shuffle round like an old man: not because you're knackered (which you are), but because between the bread baking and the dried apple rings and the plum jam and pie filling production lines and the jar cleaning and sterilising a) there is a ferret walking about underfoot (and you might squash it if you move your feet suddenly) and b) there is nowhere to put a mug down to make a damn cup of tea.


Petunia's Gardener said...

I might be able to make it there in time to help eat some of that bounty! Especially since you are so wise to preserve some of it for the dark days of winter. So you like having the little ferret around? More friendly than a cat?

clodhopper said...

Everyone except mother in law adores the little ferret. What can I say?

To tell the truth Paula, I've never been overly fond of cats, though I can tolerate them ok. Would never choose one as a pet though. Ferrets are far more cuddley and very very playful creatures.

helena said...

aaaaaaargh!! Plums, plums, plums! Please no more pictures of plums! If I never see another plum again in my life it will be too soon!

My mums trees have had a bumper crop of the damn things and I've spent the past two weeks peeling them and making jam!

(everything else looks lovely though and I love the ferret! - my brother used to have them when we lived at home).