31 August 2009

Pan's in the kitchen

Pan eh? Well that was a bit predictable wasn't it....Lyra's daemon in Northern Lights. I can live with that. Our Pan seems determined to be a vegetarian though as he just loves fresh veg off the allotment. Their guts are not designed for this as they are pretty much exclusively carniverous so you have to be a bit careful not to let him overindulge.

He crawled up my trousers last night and out the top; luckily he didn't eat anything on the way through.


Anonymous said...

Now that's a pet. Congratulations on your garden harvest. Like The Spooky Men as I've been digging into male close harmony stuff for a while ... largely in U.S. colleges. Best wishes,Warwick.

clodhopper said...

Good luck with the choir hunting Warwick. Thanks for dropping by and saying hello.

Laurie said...

I know that floor!