17 May 2009

the o'conner chronicles

I just had to write to Cardinal Cormack Murphy O'Connor this weekend. He is the head honcho of the cult of misery (aka the roman catholic church in this country). He said in a radio broadcast recently that people without a sense of 'the transcendent' (by which he means god), in their lives, are not fully human. Apart from wanting him to clarify for me why I am not fully human I just needed to remind him that other figures in history have used this terminology as a prelude to genocide, extermination, slavery or other types of behaviour a tad on the discriminatory side.

He really really orta know better than that, don't ya think?


looby said...

It's al just a roundabout way of saying "I want you to do what I say, because I'm an authoritarian wannabe ruler of the world." They're just nutters, the lot of them. I don't think they'd recognise the transcendent if it bumped into them in the street.

Whereas, the pictures below are...well, transcendent's probably overstating it a bit, but a local, personal prettiness that is probably closer to the transcendent than the Cardinal, with his secret wanks and big palaces.

clodhopper said...

As you say looby, his eminent purply putrescence wouldn't recognise the trancendent if hit him really hard up the backside as he is so well padded by all the kiddy fiddlers hiding from the law under his blessedly voluminous frock.

If he bothers to reply to me I will post it you. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

Esther Montgomery said...

Sorry. Disagree. If you truly believe in something, even if you believe nothing more than that it is life enhancing, you are likely to express it in terms like that.

If someone said you aren't fully human until you have been moved by a great piece of music would you get quite so worked up?

I hope he writes back and that he says something sensible. In the meantime (and I'm trying terribly hard not to sound (or be!) stuffy about this) I think it's sometimes worth trying to understand something someone says from within their own vocabulary.

I wish one could convey tone of voice in comment boxes because I'm not wanting to sound (or be) pompous . . . but do you see what I mean?


clodhopper said...

Esther: If you raise any sort of belief, whether ideological, political or religious, up onto a pedestal, you can use that to justify absolutely anything you want.

You will have seen the news recently about the catholic church in Ireland?

CMO'C has form in that area also.

It is very difficult for the deluded to say anything sensible, even if they use the same vocabulary....we'll have to wait and see.