10 May 2009

home corner

I set up a corner of the cellar for the chicks as things were getting a bit messy upstairs and they needed more room to romp around in.

They are contained by a bass guitar case and 2 x 100watt speaker cabinets laid end to end. They have an lamp heater but you don't really need it when you can snuggle up under mum's wings to keep warm.

There's a few bits and pieces in there for the chicks to explore to make life a bit more interesting.

When I find out what sort of music they like I might plug the speakers in.


helena said...

ah yes, guitar cases and speaker cabinets...a million and one uses!

See how neatly I avoided the "ah how cute" comment!

clodhopper said...

helena: I noticed. Such restraint is breathtaking.

Laurie said...

And their first taste of music will be...?

clodhopper said...

Laurie: Er....let's see. I think All Along The Watchtower - Hendrix version followed by Carmen Miranda.