01 January 2009


It would be nice to start the new year by planting this greengage tree but the ground is just rock hard.

We've also a cherry and a peach tree to put in. Just have to wait till it thaws a bit.

Lovely day to start the year though.


Petunia's Gardener said...

That's quite a flock you have there! And they are all up at the allotment? Hope you are thawing out now.

clodhopper said...

Hi P

Yup, they're all up on our middle plot. Everthing has thawed out now and it's back to slush & mud. Bit grim today out there.

Anonymous said...

Ah but the anticipation of planting is often nicer than the planting itself! (especially when its grim!)

clodhopper said...

hi helena

I've been looking forward to planting that greengage for weeks now; this afternoon I finally did it. Feels good too. It was funny: soon as I dug the whole the chickens were all over it, falling over each other to get at the grubs and tumbling into the hole. Had to be careful not to hurt them. Silly girls!