31 December 2008

Words worth

May I wish all my readers as much health, peace and happiness as another spin around our beautiful sun can bring you.

I'll see this one out with a song; Words.mp3

Words are gentle words are strong
Words are used in every song
Words can heal and words can part
Words can even break your heart
Words say nothing or a lot
Sometimes words are all you've got
Words like love or guilt or blame
Snow or fire, wind or rain
Spoken lightly or in jest
Words are used in every test
Words can give and words deny
Words of truth, words that lie
Words begin and words can end
Some you get and some you send
Words can can smile, words can cry
Words can speak but never sigh
Words are spoken, words are read
Some are whispered in your bed
Words like always, wrong or right
Some just drift into the night
Eat your words and drink the sky
Words can make a humble pie
They burn like fire and freeze like ice
Some command a heavy price
Words reveal they also hide

Silence is a word denied

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