04 December 2008

A Touch of Frost

The cold clear bright days are just the best; I feel happy and glad to be alive on days like this.

Apart from cuddling a chicken, there's not much to be done in the garden; the ground is just like rock and even the pile of muck is too difficult to dig into to spread on the plot.

Looking east over towards school in the valley and a snowy Clougha Pike in the background. Be good to get togged up and climb it on a day like this.

Gotta walk down to feed the chooks though and then go to work.


Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

I came across an odd little sculpture in a cafe garden today.

Three or four life-size chickens made entirely from chicken wire were huddled in a very realistic little huddle in a corner between two walls.

It was extraordinary how much like real chickens they were.

All the same . . . I think I'd rather walk the hills than cuddle a chicken.

(Though the sound of chickens to come back to can hardly be bettered for making one feel at home.)


Matron said...

Lovely photo!! I don't mind the frost in the garden, plants need it to get into a good dormancy - but my plot is still surrounded by 6" of flood water..grrrr